In the county of Hertfordshire, nestled among the hills and
charming villages, two creative souls named Andreea and Alex embarked on an enchanting journey that would ignite both their passions and the hearts of those around them.

One day, while strolling through a local market, their gaze
fell upon an array of beautifully handcrafted candles, each a testament to the
artisan's dedication and skill.

As they brainstormed ideas, the name "Herts Candles" emerged – a perfect fusion of their beloved county and the warmth that their creations would bring to people's hearts.

The couple's creations found their way into homes, becoming cherished centerpieces on dining tables and mantels. Each purchase carried with it a piece of Andreea and Alex's story, a story that was etched into the heart of every pot and infused within every fragrant note.

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Hi. We are Andreea and Alex

Herts Candles is a testament to the power of passion, dedication and stories that could transform a simple candle into an unforgettable work of art.

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All of our formulas are original, created and tested by us, on real people and always from scratch. All of our products have an emphasis on organic and high quality.

Discover the artistry and craftsmanship behind our candles and pots, handcrafted with love and attention to detail using high quality and natural components.